Anavar Oxandrolone 10mg
April 17, 2019
April 17, 2019

Stanozolol 10mg 60 tabs

STANO-10 Stanozolol 10mg 60 tabs is the Stanozolol oral form. The steroid is also known as Winstrol (inject form), Winny, Androstanazol, Androstanazole, Stan and Stromba.

The majority of STANO-10 Stanozolol users claim that its functioning is less productive, in comparison with other drugs, which are having the alike composition. Stanozolol administration for the mass-growing purpose will be not the best choice. The results, which are gained thanks to the anabolic features of STANO-10, are produced by the nitrogen-saving ability and the protein synthesis elevation.

The basic benefit of the steroid for bodybuilders and athletes is fat reduction with the body lean mass saving. If it has awoken your interest at the MPA administration, you can order it on our site, The common time for this steroid intake is the period of cutting, when it supports the musculature mass maintenance while metabolizing the body fat. Nevertheless, the fat reducing features of Strombafort are not proven.

STANO-10 is available at the oral and injectable form. As the MPA active functioning is just 8 hours, it is necessary to take the pills more, than once a day. Talking about the stanozolol injections, the blood indexes would stay stable with a single injection per day. Though, the injectable form of the steroid is considere to be more convenient. Due to productive nitrogen saving, muscular mass development (or preservation) and less liver toxicity. The oral form of the steroid has its advantage. The thing is, that the shots of stanozolol are rather painful at the moment of injection and the injectable spot hurts for some days after the shot.

Dosage of STANO-10

The most common male daily dosage, which is bringing the desired results, is from 25 to 100mg. Those men, who are taking MPA for the first time, are mostly achieving the expected results with the daily dosage of 50mg. Concerning the women, who take MPA  for the first time, the daily dosage of 5-15mg supports the significant gains. 

As the steroid could be toxic to liver, it is better not to take Strombafort for more, than 6 weeks. A great number of users can take the high doses for the extended time with nearly none appearance of the complications.

It is extremely important to monitor the liver condition with the help of the blood analyses.  In order to make sure that no harmful changes have happened.

Side Effects of STANO-10 10mg 60 tabs

Due to the fact, that this steroid is a DHT derivative, it has no tendency to aromatizing. The DHT conversion does not take place. The HPTA lowering is not significant. The user has to take the appropriate precautions even with the MPA injection form use. The possible, quite rare, bad effects of the steroid are blood pressure problems, pimples and hydrops.

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